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Kind Words from Clients ♡

Sarah's Restorative Yoga classes are absolutely fantastic! Her soothing approach and expert guidance create a truly relaxing experience. I've been fortunate enough to join one of Sarah's retreats on Vancouver Island, and it was nothing short of amazing. Her organizational skills made the trip flawless. Not only is Sarah an exceptional yoga instructor, but she's also genuinely the most kind-hearted person. I find myself singing her praises to everyone I know. Keep spreading the love, Sarah!

Alison F., Vancouver

I attended Sarah's yoga classes as part of a yoga retreat in Croatia and I loved her classes! Sarah is an excellent yoga teacher but also a genuinely very kind person. I enjoyed every class with her and was always looking forward to the next one. At that time I had a minor muscle injury and Sarah was paying attention to it, and let me know how to adjust pose/movement accordingly. She paid individual attention to the people in the class in general. I noticed that she is very skilled in teaching at all levels. I particularly liked Sarah’s teaching style, which can be described as calm, safe, and with lots of clarity. Thank you, Sarah!

Mateja V., Germany

A few years ago, I attended a yoga retreat in Croatia held by the lovely and amazing Sarah. I have been to several yoga retreats, and I must say that Sarah is absolutely outstanding and number one on my top five list. She has the ability to explain the poses in an easy way and also the more complicated ones as well. Kind and pleasant voice that makes you relax and forget everything around you and makes you naturally focus on the here and now and let go of your worries. I would love to take classes IRL held by Sarah, too bad that I’m a little bit far away. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with Sarah.


Diana M., Sweden

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah at a yoga retreat. She was greatly supportive and patient, which I appreciated a lot. In particular, she helped me face my fear of inversion, which I thought I would never be able to do. To this day we stay in touch, and every once in a while, I make sure to update her about my yoga journey.

Neda V., Croatia

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